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Terms of participation in an exhibition

1. The organizers will provide space, equipment and services for exhibitor according to its application. Organizers chose a place of exhibition and develop a general plan.

2. All variants of distributions exposition plans prior to the opening of the exhibition, are preliminary and the organizers reserve the right to correct them.

3. All exhibition stands must be supervised by authorized representatives of participants during the whole period of the exhibition.

4. The organizers can refuse showing products of company, which could be dangerous to others, do not correspond to the subject of the exhibition or not belongs to the exhibitor.

5. The organizers reserve the right to move the exposure or configuration changes of the stand, as well as changes in prices for exhibition space depending on the booth location, timing of payment.

6. The exhibits with moving parts, working under voltage, containing toxic, explosive, radioactive or flammable substances, liquids under voltage, the exhibitor must obtain written permission from the organizers.

7. A member may not be transferred to another organization or individual. The participant has no right to transfer the leased areaaccording to the agreement as well as to lease it to sublet the whole or any part of it.

8. The Exhibitor, representatives and agents, have full responsibility for any damage caused by their acts or omissions, caused by the exhibition area, other participants or organizers. Organizers reserve the right to retain the property of the exhibitor in the exhibition area until all claims to it are not met.

9. Participants are required to comply with fire safety rules.

10. Organizers recommend to insureyour property and liability at an official exhibition insurer.

11. Exhibits must be on the stands prior to the official closing of the exhibition.

12. After closing of exhibition, the participant must to hand over to the organizer intact stand and equipment (without its labels, etc.)

13. The organizers are not liable as a result of force majeure: war, severance of diplomatic and trade relations, the threat of terrorist attacks, epidemics, the official order of the organizers of the exhibition by the authorities, etc. If for these reasons the area is not rented by exhibitor, the organizers must return the amount of the payment minus a proportional part of their direct costs incurred up to that point within 15 days from the date of adoption of the decision.

14. Payment for participation in the exhibition is carried out in accordance with the accounts, removed by the organizers. The reservation of exhibition space must be 30% of the cost of the advance of exhibition space and payment of the registration fee. Full payment for area, equipment and ordered services must be made at least 15 days before the opening of the exhibition.

15. The cost of rental space includes a fee for general lighting, advertising, exhibitions, aisle cleaning, facilities maintenance staff. Renting equipped area includes the provision of exhibitor, hall with carpeted floors and front fascia, fascia with the name of the exhibitor, one table and two chairs. Additional equipment and services are provided for exhibitor according to his application form and paid additionally.

16. In case of violation of the conditions of participation or non-participation in the exhibition reserved area for the exhibitor can be given to another participant, and payments are not refundable.

17. Discounts are not available

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